Friday, 23 August 2013

NYX Round Lipstick // Fire, Stella and Haute Melon Review and Swatches

First up all the way from lovely Texas are my current favourite lipsticks - the NYX Round Lipsticks! I picked up a few of these from ULTA as they were on offer and after some extreme couponing I got a pretty good deal [as if they weren't cheap enough already!]  Sadly they didn't really have the shades I was looking for so instead I just picked out whatever looked good to me at the time :)

Left to Right: Stella, Haute Melon, Fire

Top to Bottom: Fire, Haute Melon and Stella
Without Flash
With Flash
NYX | Round Lipsticks | £4.00 // £3.99 | Buy Here UK or USA

Fire is a beautiful rich deep pink which I first thought was red.. silly me! Haute Melon [what is up with this name?] is a bright corally orange colour and Stella is a rosy pink colour with glitter... you can probably tell by now that I'm not great at describing colours ;)

I adore the formula of these lipsticks, they're so smooth and creamy to apply even on my dry[ish] lips. Stella however is quite gritty because of the glitter, so it tends to apply more patchier which I'm not too keen on :(

The pigmentation is amazing - especially Fire.. you literally need one coat and you're set for hours. I wore this at Prom and it lasted most of the night even though I was eating and drinking throughout, and it faded to a really pretty pink tint. Stella and Haute Melon are also equally pigmented but for me instead of fading nicely like Fire they just kind of disappeared after a while..

The only slight *actually pretty big* problem I have with these lippies is that they transfer onto pretty much everything. Like I mean everything - I've been finding bits of lipstick on my clothes, all over mugs and glasses, my teeth [awks], on my food.. everywhere?! So these probably aren't the best to wear before a meal unless you want it all over your face... ;)

Overall though for $3.99 / £4.00 I can't complain and it hasn't stopped me wearing them nearly everyday since buying them :)

Monday, 19 August 2013

I'm Baaack Y'all // Houston Haul

I'm finally back from Texas :) It feels like I haven't blogged for ages.. looks like I've got a lot of catching up to do! So you know how I said I'll share all my Drugstore goodies with you.. well it turned out that makeup in America was so much cheaper than I thought so my money went a really long way and... err yeah so this happened...

Yes I know what you're thinking *hangs head in shame* ;) Luckily I managed to find everything I wanted along with a few other bargains I just couldn't pass up. You can expect loads of reviews coming up soon, if you spot anything that you want me to review first then drop me a comment!

Whilst in America I stayed with my cousins in Sugarland [yes that really is what it's called..weird huh?!] It was really great to hang out with them again after so long :) I was intending to do a photo diary type thing until I actually had a look on my camera and realised it was mostly just pictures of food - I wonder what that says about me... ha ha!

Finally satisfied my IHOP craving .. it only took 15 years!
I know this has nothing to do with anything but omg LOOK AT THAT EELS FACE.. it was a demon
This past weekend has been so packed, I finally got my A-Level results and found out I got the grades to study Dentistry woohoo!! So excited to move out, meet new people and start uni :) It was also my school prom on Friday which was amazing - hopefully I'll do a post about it soon!

cheeky prom selfie ;)
Anyway that's all from me for now - I'll be back to blogging normally from now on. My Bloglovin is scaring me a little bit since I've got 526 unread posts to catch up on.. better get going then ;)

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Just A Teeny Update :)

Sooo... I'm going on holiday tomorrow!? You can probably tell that I'm really excited about it :) I'm going to be in Houston for the next two weeks so I won't be able to write any more posts during that time - just in case some of you start wondering why I've dropped off the face of the planet! I'm staying with my cousins who are equally as obsessed with make up as I am so hopefully I'll come back with some American drugstore goodies to share :)

Monday, 29 July 2013

MAC // Rebel Lipstick Review

MAC | Rebel | £15.00 | Buy Here
Rebel is my absolute favourite lipstick ever, I literally can't go a few days without wearing it. I first saw this colour on Sammi from Beauty Crush and it was love at first sight ;) Normally I wouldn't be able to bring myself to spend £14 on a lipstick, but once I'd tried it on I knew I wouldn't be able to leave the store without it.. and so my MAC lipstick collection had begun!

It's a gorgeous deep pinky plum colour which goes on quite dark but fades to give a beautiful bright berry pink. It's so pigmented that it lasts on your lips for ages and it only take one swipe for me to get opaque colour, even though my lips are quite pigmented. I usually line my lips with a Natural Collection lip liner in Mulberry because it helps me to define the edges of my lips, which is pretty hard to do with the bullet unless you have a super steady hand! Since it's Satin finish it applies really smoothly and has a slight shimmer to it. It also smells like vanilla - this lipstick really can do no wrong!?

I tried to capture the colour as accurately as I could but honestly the swatches don't do Rebel much justice :(

Top: Rebel | Bottom: Mulberry Lip Liner | With Flash
Top: Rebel | Bottom: Mulberry Lip Liner | Without Flash